A Detailed Review on ZenMate VPN

Owned by Kape Technologies, ZenMate is one of the best VPN services available out there with a low-cost and high performance, which has simple and straightforward plans to purchase. ZenMate VPN even provides you a free trial for seven days, and also you can connect various connections simultaneously as there is no limit for simultaneous connections. It offers you unblocked access to Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, and many other services. In this article, we will discuss the ZenMate VPN in detail with the help of the below-mentioned titles. You may follow the article if you want to know about the ZenMate VPN in detail.

ZenMate VPN: Introduction

ZenMate is easy to use and a simple VPN service. It is mainly made for users who do not deal with technology very extensively and who want a very convenient method of protecting the privacy of their online information. This VPN is also handy for the newbies who have a minimal idea about the VPN services and who want to enter the VPN world, without opting for a sophisticated VPN service straightforwardly from the very beginning. ZenMate doesn’t have a very complicated list of features and has no jargon, which makes it pretty easy to use VPN.

ZenMate VPN offers over 3600 servers across 74 different countries, a more significant number than many of the other popular VPN services offer. With this VPN, you can now simultaneously connect as many devices as you want, which was earlier restricted to only five connections. ZenMate is available for use in Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It also has browser extensions for many browsers like Firefox and Chrome. ZenMate offers kill-switches and inbuilt DNS leak protection to secure your activities from eye-keepers.

ZenMate VPN: Plans and Pricing

The current price of ZenMate starts at $10.99 for a month. If you opt for a six-month subscription, the cost will decrease to $5.39, making it $32.34 for six months. However, if you will opt for a yearly subscription, the price will reduce more, and your estimated price for a month will only be $4.99, making it around $59.88 for a year. If you want to opt for an 18 months plan, the price for a month will reduce more.

If in case you want to try it for free for some days before purchasing, then you can opt for its 7-day free trial. After the free trial, you may opt for the plans which suit you the best. If in case after purchasing a plan, you are not satisfied with the service, the company offers you a money-back guarantee within 30 days.

ZenMate VPN: Performance

The performance of ZenMate came out to be up to the mark when checked from two primary locations of the UK and US, from sites like TestMy.net and SpeedTest. The US location offered a download speed of up to 600mbps, which is enormous. However, it didn’t use the bandwidth available at that time; it was still faster. However, the UK performance was up to the mark around 60 to 70mbps.

ZenMate VPN: Effect on Streaming Services Like Netflix and Others

A VPN gives you a virtual identity in any of the countries you want. It can also provide you access to that country’s content, which you would not have received if you were using your real identity. It can provide you access to the content that is specifically available for a particular country, like the shows, videos, and much more.

However, various sites detect a VPN very quickly and block it from accessing its content. So, to check this, we tried testing the ZenMate VPN’s capability to access the content from different sites like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube for the US, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer. YouTube, however, doesn’t usually restrict watching of the content. You can stream the content very easily with the ZenMate VPN on YouTube for the US. It was found that ZenMate also successfully unblocked the content of US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video.

ZenMate VPN: Support

The official ZenMate’s site has a support page which when opened will provide you with immense details about the articles related to how to get started using the ZenMate VPN,  as well as how to deal with the errors and troubleshoot the problems and also a list of various other articles that are related to the use of the service. Though there is no chat support yet, you can still connect with their support team directly by sending them emails, and you will get the response from them within 2 to a maximum of up to 48 hours duration.

ZenMate VPN: Summary

ZenMate is one of the most affordable and effective VPN services, which can be used by the newbies and those who have the right amount of information related to the VPNs. It provides you a decent speed, secure connections, affordable plans, and also, if you want to check the service before purchasing, you can also opt for its free trial for seven days. All these features make it a good competitor among the other available VPN services in the market.

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