PUBG Mobile: New Map & Game Mode Launched

The globally played battle royale phenomenon has come out with a new mode and a new map that focuses on shorter game modes. The new map, inspired by Nordic, is called Livik. A two-by-two map in which 52 players can battle it out within 15 minutes. Players will be able to find new weapons in this mode, like the P90 submachine gun and Mk12 Rifle. This is also the map where you can try out new vehicles like the monster truck. Still, in its beta stage at the time of writing, there could be other changes made to the new map as we move forward.

The mode and map will be released along with a special event

There is a unique event that will be coming up for the players of PUBG Mobile. To welcome the new map and mode, you’ll be presented with unique versions of weapons with much better stats on the original map. The new mode will be called Bonfire. There will be small statues that are placed all over the map. The figures can be burned to acquire supplies and event items. There are giant statues as well, which will change throughout the event. Statue camps are going to come to the map as well, scattered all around; they’ll be filled with all levels. So, keep an eye out for these camps.

Shorter mode, hotter mode

The extended game modes have slowly lost their charm. The huge fan-base cultivated by PUBG needs shorter modes to sustain. Players can play quicker modes faster and result in gaming for a more protracted amount of time. Mobile gaming is way more different than PC games. Thus, bringing shorter forms of the game will help them keep their fans intact.

The new map will be the 5th on the mobile version of the battle royale epic. Livik will add to this list of Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. None of them are authentic to the mobile version, meaning they have been taken from the PC and console version of the game. But Livik will be the first exception.

Overtime, PUBG has inspired other game makers to take the mobile route such as Fortnite and COD: Warzone, but it remains at the top of the market. With Season 14 now live, PUBG mobile is doing everything in their power to keep their fans happy. Download the game on Android and iOS platforms.

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